January 1, 2014. A date to remember for all the wrong reasons

The media are talking about it, the specialist newspapers are talking about it, and tattoo sites such as Tattoos.fr are buzzing with each new piece of information, good or bad. January 1 2014 is a date to circle on the tattoo calendar. And why? Because on this date, the controversial law to ban the majority of colored tattoo inks will come into effect.


A poor choice of New Year’s resolution

The hangover after New Year’s Eve may be particularly unpleasant this year, both for myself and other professional tattoo artists, and all those who love and admire tattoos. Safe to say, that adds up to a lot of people. The date is approaching, but the struggle is not over.


Use what we have to fight for what we love!

Open letters, a petition and, perhaps, a protest in the streets to make our voices heard. Nothing can be left to chance in the fight to save colored tattoos. There are only a few days left, but we will never give up hope.