My inspiration

To be a good tattoo artist, you need to draw your inspiration from places beyond the confines of tattooing. By breaking out of the world of tattoos we can further improve and enrich it. My art is inspired by a variety of sources, including my fellow tattoo artists, the places I have visited and my family. All of my muses have a place in my blog.


My fellow tattoo artists: some of today’s best

I have had the privilege of meeting Shane O’Neill, Nikko Hurtado, Bugs, Fabien Belveze, Matteo Pasqualin, Jeff Gogue, Loïc Lavenu and Alex de Pase. In this blog I will introduce you to some of today’s best tattoo artists and show how their individual, incomparable talents have significantly influenced my own artistic tastes.


The village of Chaudes-Aigues in the Cantal region: a mine of inspiration

We may share a name, but the admiration and affection I feel for the village of Chaudes-Aigues, in the Cantal region of France, means so much more, and was one of the reasons I set up my Cantal In’k the Skin Tattoo Convention in this beautiful French village. For the tattoo festival this summer I have invited some of the best tattoo artists from Europe and North America.


My family, a life dedicated to tattooing

My family pushes me to go beyond myself and to always demand more, and better. Cécile, Chantal, Steven, Wesley, and others who have not (or not yet) entered the world of tattooing, give me invaluable daily support. By family I mean my own flesh and blood, but also the wider family of all those involved in French and international tattooing.

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