My journey, like many French and international tattoo artists, was inspired and supported by the people I have met. While this is true for many professions, and also individual lives, I feel that it applies particularly to me. Not only have I had the good fortune to spend time with incomparable French tattoo artists, but also with acclaimed American tattoo artists, to name but a few.


French tattoo artists

During my career I have been lucky enough to meet incredibly talented French tattoo artists, who have generously taken the time to discuss their tastes, techniques, and even their trade-secrets. In this blog I will take the time to introduce Pierre-Gilles Romieu, David Coste, Loïc Lavenu and Pitou and his tattoo convention Cézanne Tattooink.


International tattoo artists

Ranging from America to Italy and Finland, the people I have met in the world of tattoos have been – and continue to be – an international mix. I want to use this blog to celebrate my fellow artists, including Säde Sonck, Nikko Hurtado, Shane O’Neill and Jeff Gogue.


Other encounters

I have also met people who are not directly involved in the world of tattooing. A variety of artists, public figures and young enthusiasts all have a place in this Blog. Tattoos are no longer confined to ports, prisons and places of ill repute, and have become increasingly popular over the years. This freedom of expression is thanks to, and still relies on, a philosophy of communication and exchange.

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