The Tuesday Session

After a while, the name just stuck: the Tuesday session

The Tuesday session is a meeting we all try and attend, Sébastien Trudel, Steven Chaudesaigues and I, mutually motivated by the need to battle under the dumbbells.

I think we started meeting every Tuesday, claiming it was to work a different muscle group, but it soon became to work and be together, from one week to the next.

This time spent not only gives us a chance to reinforce our ties to one another, but to face reality.

Don’t take things for granted, as they say. Not tattoos, nor friends, and certainly not the performance of a sport.

The harsh reality is that as years go by, they leave behind them the marks of time and age.

A friend once said to me that we could never fight against growing old, but that we could perhaps watch our weight and take care of the image that stares back at us.

All three of us are tattoo artists, and all three tattooed. If our childhood spent in the national education system was able to “reward” us with a fine image after having achieved the right number points, it’s safe to say the concept of image is something we know very well.

Good or bad, I think we all show our sensitivity through tattoos, but also, more generally, through changing our bodies.

I believe that playing a sport, working out, or full-blown body building all contribute to the modification of our appearance, just like tattoos.

It comes down to self-modification through muscular reinforcement, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say muscular over-development.