When I talk about the people I have met, I like to emphasize how lucky I am to have worked on my projects with some of the biggest names in French and international tattooing, as well as other players who have less to do with the world of tattoos. In this section I will introduce you to them, and let them give you their take on things.


Tattoo questions you were always afraid to ask

In this section you will find a few of the sites and magazines used as a solid reference for all things tattoo. Who is currently the best tattoo artist? What are the tattoo ideas that no one has thought of? Which tattoo artists can you trust? Which part of the body should you (or should you not) get tattooed? You will find the answers to all of these questions, and others, with my partners.


Shoulder to shoulder with American tattoo artists

I have been lucky enough to count some of the best American tattoo artists among my partners, including Shane O’Neill, who after starring in the show Ink Master, started organizing world-class tattoo conventions. In this section I will introduce you to him, as well as many others.


The Cantal region in all its glory

The village of Chaudes-Aigues where I organize the Festival International du Tatouage – Cantal In’k the Skin –  every summer, the town hall of Saint-Flour which presides over my namesake village, and the regional newspaper ‘La Montagne’ have all put their faith in me. In this section I will pay homage to them, and the others, who have made the Cantal region an undeniably exceptional place.

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Wednesday 18 December 2013

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