Stéphane Chaudesaigues

Behind this name hides my world, the world I have built, or at least tried to build, over the course of my life and career as a professional tattoo artist. For those interested, you will find my biography, to which I hope to add further achievements over the years! However, in this section, I focus above all on things close to my heart in my professional life, including my Graphicaderme tattoo shop, the Festival du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues (my tattoo convention in the village of Chaudes-Aigues), the Tatouage et Partage association and the Chaudesaigues Award.


The Graphicaderme tattoo shop brand

I set myself up as a tattoo artist in Avignon at the end of the 80s. Since then, I have come a long way, although the going has been pretty tough in places. The Graphicaderme company was created to give a voice and an image to the art of tattoos in France. Here I tell the story of the staff and news of the tattoo shops in the towns of Nîmes, Valence, Orange and Chaudes-Aigues.


The Festival International du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues – an international tattoo convention

The idea came from my family, was built by my family, and my family and I reaped the rewards together. The Festival International du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues, also known as Cantal In’k the Skin, is my tattoo convention and is held every summer in a little village called Chaudes-Aigues, in the Auvergne region. This tattoo convention has set itself apart, and all the information and insights can be found here.


The Chaudesaigues Award and the Tatouage & Partage association

My ambition is also to recognize and award the greatest French and international tattoo artists, and to ensure that each professional tattoo artist can perfect their techniques under the guidance of the best in the business. To realize this ambition I created the Chaudesaigues Award and the Tatouage et Partage association.

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