The Ranting Zone

The title says it all. I use this section to rant, and present the ranting of others. Unfortunately, tattooing is not all beautiful colored tattoos, original tattoo ideas and the pleasure taken from the art. The world of tattoos is also threatened by a lack of understanding, worrying legislation and intolerance. This section will discuss these pressing issues.


Tattoos, both in France and abroad, is a world still subject to a lack of understanding

The people I have met throughout my career have convinced me of something. In many countries the attitudes towards tattoos remain incredibly negative, inviting questions such as ‘why would you change your body like that?’ and ‘why would you want to put yourself through all that pain?’ For all my rants about these dogmatic ideas, look no further.


Is the law an ally of tattoos in France?

Legislation tends to push tattoo artists underground, or even exile them. Clearly, the law is not always an ally of tattoos in France. Here I will examine both French and international legislation ranging from the supportive to the harmful.


Is intolerance the nemesis of the tattooed?

Strange looks in the street, unpleasant remarks made by employers and discrimination during job interviews are unfortunately far from uncommon. In this section I focus on the widespread intolerance towards tattoos, analyzing the progress of tattoos in France and abroad and the efforts still to be made, by drawing on my own experiences and those of my fellow tattoo artists. 

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