Patrick Chaudesaigues: the workshop, the gallery, the artist

Seeing as I use this section to talk about my inspirations, it is only fitting that I introduce you to Patrick Chaudesaigues.

For those who do not yet know him, Patrick is my older brother by six years. This talented man has many strings to his bow, including a true skill with both a paint brush and a tattoo machine.

I have always loved how he worked, his art and especially his pictorial style.

Luckily for us, Patrick has always been passionate about tattoos, as well as putting his artwork onto canvas, and his most recent works are shaping up to be as impressive as his paintings.

As a child, Patrick started scribbling his first drawings on scraps of paper. Even then I could see he had an unmistakable gift.

Forty years on, I am still moved by the depth of his devotion and by his unfailing talents.