Realistic tattoos

It would be difficult to discuss my inspirations without devoting a few lines to the art of realistic tattoos. It is safe to say that my career would have been significantly different without it.


What is the definition of a realistic tattoo?

According to the site, “realistic tattoos represent existing subjects, often portraits, in a realistic manner. Realistic tattoos can be colored or black and gray, and use a technique known as painting.” The link with this art form always fascinated me, and still does, even after 25 years. It is also worth mentioning dot-work, a technique drawn from pointillism and used by some tattoo artists for realistic tattoos.

A few masters of realistic tattoos

The realistic tattoo artists who have influenced me the most include Nikko Hurtado, Shane O'Neill, Dmitry Samohin and Manu Badet. Have a look at their work if you have never heard of them! 


Stéphane Chaudesaigues Artiste tatoueur Paris et Avignon.