Stopping by the Lou Gallic pub

The landlady, Biche, watches over the Festival du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues

The Lou Gallic is a traditional pub hidden away in the heart of Chaudes-Aigues. The pub is well-known in the village, as much for its variety of world beers and premium whiskies as for its owner, known as Biche.


Looking for a bar in Chaudes-Aigues?

Take a moment to stop by the Lou Gallic, and taste the Auvergne region’s specialties, such as blueberry pie and apple and chestnut liqueur, made by the landlady herself. The pub in Chaudes-Aigues also offers Belgian, German and Austrian beers, as well as whiskies aged from 10 to 15 years.


The Lou Gallic pub, a place for the whole family

With its mixture of a chilled atmosphere and local bands, the Lou Gallic is not just any old bar in Chaudes-Aigues, and is one of the favorites of the Graphicaderme tattoo shop. Don’t be surprised if you bump into staff from the shop, or one of its world-class guests. You wouldn’t miss the chance to have a beer with Shane O’Neill or Nikki Hurtado now would you?

At 2, rue Saint Joseph, Biche’s doors are open from 11am to 2am, seven days a week!