The town hall of Saint-Flour

Amongst my partners and friends of the Festival International du Tatouage, there is one whose very name inspires images of the sun in the Auvergne region, summertime happiness and stunning views. Chaudes-Aigues? Almost! Here I’m talking about the town of Saint-Flour.


The Mayor Pierre Jarlier, a friend of professional tattoo artists

Saint-Flour is a town in the Cantal Region housing the Council for the region. Within this region, not so far from Saint-Flour, you will come across the village of Chaudes-Aigues, a place you should know quite well if you have read a few articles on this blog.  At the head of Saint-Flour’s town hall you will find Pierre Jarlier, the Mayor and French senator who has already shown himself to be a firm friend of tattoo artists by supporting our cause in the debate on the law to ban colored tattoo inks.


Saint-Flour, where only the boring are bored!

Twinned with the town of Orléans, there are countless things to do in the town of Saint-Flour. Having experienced them myself, I should know! The old town walls and medieval gateways, the basalt columns, the George Pompidou monument and the historic Pont Vieux Bridge over the river Ander make Saint-Flour one of the little French towns that you can’t help coming back to again and again.


Saint-Flour gets behind the Cantal In’k the Skin international tattoo convention in Chaudes-Aigues

Without the Saint-Flour town hall it would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get the Festival International du Tatouage up and running. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and thanks to both the Mayor and the inhabitants of Saint-Flour. See you soon!