The "Festival International du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues"

At the start of this crazy project, my ambition was to loosen up the concept of the tattoo convention and revamp it a little. Don’t get me wrong, I have never hidden my love for tattoo conventions, and I discover new tattoo artists every time I go. The Festival du Tatouage, however, is something else…


Festival Tatouage de ChaudesAigues : La vidéo du Vendredi (Day 1)

A tattoo convention in a league of its own, at the heart of the Cantal region

My longstanding desire has been to reunite tattoo fans, even those who know little about our world but still show an interest, at an open-air, sunny, family event. I wanted an event open to all, where a motorcycle-riding playboy could talk with mother of three, both of them linked by their love of tattoos. 

Festival Tatouage de ChaudesAigues : La vidéo du Samedi (Day 2)

The village of Chaudes-Aigues – an obvious choice for the Festival du Tatouage

For this huge summer event, the only question remaining was the place. When I discovered the village of Chaudes-Aigues in the Cantal region, I was smitten. The people are open and passionate, the landscape is breath-taking and, not to be forgotten, the village and I happen to have something special in common…  

Festival Tatouage de ChaudesAigues : La vidéo du Dimanche (Day 3)


The codes of the tattoo convention, with a local twist!

Nothing has been forgotten for this extraordinary tattoo convention : 

  • Tattooing competitions
  • Exhibitions of both black and gray and color pieces
  • Meetings with the best tattoo artists
  • Shows and concerts are all on the programme.