The Chaudesaigues Award

After having spent time with the best tattoo artists of our time, I wanted to honor them in some way. And what better way than a beautiful trophy, something to truly be proud of. From this, the Chaudesaigues Award was born.


The best tattoo artists rewarded for their talent

The Chaudesaigues Award, in a few words, is an international award presented annually to the best tattoo artist. However, let it be said that the Chaudesaigues Award does not merely reward a tattoo artist for a particular piece, but for a plethora of multiple talents and a successful career. The Chaudesaigues Award is to tattooing what the César Award is to cinema, much more than an Oscar for best film!


A trophy for both sides of the Atlantic

The Chaudesaigues Award has already visited Italy and the United States, and my goal is to present it all over the world, wherever tattooing calls home. The jury is composed exclusively of professional tattoo artists, and chooses the best tattoo artist to have put themselves forward on the event’s website. The choice is based on the artist’s tattoos and other work, such as photographs and drawings, and the lucky winner is presented with a one-of-a-kind trophy!

James Kern, Matteo Pasqualin… who’s next?

The Chaudesaigues Award has already been presented to Matteo Pasqualin and James Kern, but who will follow in the footsteps of these tattooing giants? The third Chaudesaigues Award is already being planned, and will take place in September 2014 at the Pittsburgh Tattoo Convention, organized by Shane O’Neill. Registration is now open, and all professional tattoo artists are welcome!

Matteo Pasqualin, un univers en noir et gris récompensé par le Chaudesaigues Award