Tatouage & Partage

Making an art form last through the ages, and giving future generations a chance to improve on the past, are both achieved through the sharing of knowledge. It was from this philosophy that Tatouage et Partage was born. Its goal is to give professional tattoo artists a way of exchanging knowledge on an international level, going beyond language barriers. And you know what? It works!


The world’s best tattoo artists are invited to France

Although France is 15 times smaller than its American friend, it is still a country in which tattoos hold an important place. The proof can be found in the multitude of wildly talented tattoo artists, all willing to contribute their skills and knowledge to developing tattooing across the world.


Tatouage et Partage: tattoo seminars in a league of their own

Tatouage et Partage gives the best international tattoo artists a chance to meet the best French tattoo artists. The association organizes tattoo seminars and conferences on tattooing, where professionals can comfortably open a dialogue, argue, shout and laugh about their shared passion.


Shane O’Neill, Nikko Hurtado and Joe Capobianco at Tatouage et Partage

The biggest names in international tattooing such as Shane O’Neill, Nikko Hurtado and Joe Capobianco have already visited Tatouage et Partage. Want to be a part of it? Sign up on the event’s website or even better, put yourself forward to be tattooed by one of these renowned tattoo artists. Don’t leave it too late!


séminaire Shane O'Neill