The evolution of Yannick’s tattoo

It has been a true pleasure to work on Yannick’s tattoo. I loved his tattoo ideas, where he wanted it and especially the format for the piece.

For those who don’t know him, Yannick is a big guy with well-developed pectoral muscles, pale skin and is someone who knows how to take care of his tattoos, which gives my work time to heal.

Yannick is both a friend and fellow tattoo artist, and not just any tattoo artist! He puts his talents to work at the Graphicaderme tattoo shop in the town of Valence.

I enjoyed tattooing Yannick as much as I enjoyed developing his tattoo ideas on paper. His piece provided the challenges of working with light and shadow, as well as with a particular anatomical form.

I was able to use shadowing, inspired by the technique of graphite shading on paper, but in this case with needles on a skin canvas.