Our bodies, the last bastion of freedom, are being taken away from us

The rant of the month – perhaps the year – is unsurprisingly dedicated to the proposed law threatening all professional tattoo artists in France: the law that will illegalize the majority of colored tattoo inks.


Sorry, your body belongs to us now…

You and I are people who consider that the body is the last area of freedom and free personal expression. Do you think you have the right to use it as you see fit, to decorate it as you like, to do what you want with it? Unfortunately for us, the law is not, or is no longer, behind us.


A worrying ‘precautionary measure’

Under the guise of precaution, colored tattoo inks are on the verge of disappearing if we don’t act now. Don’t get me wrong, I love black and gray tattoos. But I also love my freedom.