The Chaudes-Aigues knife

So, I think I have managed to convey my passion for the village of Chaudes-Aigues! It will therefore not surprise you to know that I took it upon myself to give the town a gift, a token of my affection. My gift is beautiful, and fits snugly in your pocket, but don’t be deceived by its size! Let me introduce you to the Chaudes-Aigues knife!


Chaudes-Aigues: the festival, the tattoo studio…and the knife?

After the success of my tattoo convention (the Festival du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues) and the opening of the Graphicaderme tattoo shop, we couldn’t just stop there! For Christmas, or just for the simple pleasure of giving, have a look at the Dodu de Chaudes-Aigues – a knife of exceptional quality made according to longstanding artisanal traditions.


The Dodu de Chaudes-Aigues suits its name!

“Dodu” in French means “plump”, and the knife is perfect for those who adore good food. “Dodu” also refers to the knife’s special handle, which is slightly thicker along each side to give the user a better precision when cutting fine meats or breads.


I knife to write home about!

With its ebony handle and Damascus steel blade among a range of unique characteristics, the knife clearly has its origins in the Auvergne region and in tattoo values and culture. The website for the Dodu de Chaudes-Aigues has a lot to say about this beautiful tool. A quick glance at the site will tell you everything about how the knife is made, its history and the reasons that led us to create it.