The village of Chaudes-Aigues

Here I am speaking to everyone, but especially to those who have never set foot in Chaudes-Aigues. I can’t recommend it enough – pack your bags and go and spend a little time in this quintessential village in the Cantal region. You won’t be disappointed!


The setting for the Festival International du Tatouage

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, you will no doubt be coming to the village for the Festival du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues, the annual meeting that aims to remodel the codes of the traditional tattoo convention. This is the perfect weekend to spend time with the family and meet the best tattoo artists around today.


Chaudes-Aigues and the “Source du Par” thermal spring

Even if tattoos aren’t your thing, there are other reasons to visit the village of Chaudes-Aigues. Its natural source of hot water is the warmest in Europe! The name “Chaudes-Aigues” was not chosen at random. Its name comes from ancient French, meaning “hot waters”. The “Source du Par” hot water spring at 179°F must be seen to be believed, and will be an instant hit if you enjoy spas and relaxation.


Pubs, warm weather and panoramic views await in the village of Chaudes-Aigues!

Wherever you are from, set your sights on the village of Chaudes-Aigues in the Cantal region. There you will find the famous Lou Gallic Pub, a warm welcome from the locals and breathtaking views. Everything you need for a sun-drenched, unforgettable weekend is right here. And I know what I’m talking about!